Month: February 2020

Secure your corporate information, not your devices!

Secure your corporate information, not your devices!


I’ve seen multiple customers struggling with their corporate information. Most of the time this data is secured in a traditional way without flexibility to collaborate.

Result: People find other way to collaborate: Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, Mails, Private-mails, whatsapp,..

You don’t want your personal data published on the web. Why do we allow organizations to be less secure with OUR information?

Goal: If you are curious about your data at this moment, setup a fast pilot traject. In 24 hours you will have real insights in your organization.

Environment: Office 365, Fileservers :-), Box, Dropbox. Connect!

What’s your strategy for protecting and governing sensitive and business critical data?

  • Please comment if you managed to protect your data with a control mechanism. You have great insights and known your possible leakage.

Why should you work to protect information within corporate environments

  • Users are accidentally sharing information
  • žUsers copying sensitive data for future use
  • Organizations not knowing what they have and what’s exposed at this moment
  • Users negligently sharing improperly with internal or external people
  • Sensitive data has being accessed or stolen by unauthorized persons

Use Microsoft native solution to discover your crucial data!

  • Start with labeling of your information cross-platform to get actual insights!
  • Labeling doesn’t mean it should be actionable – it’s just a state of reporting!
  • later: classify, protect and monitor your sensitive data everywhere – cross platform.
Unified data classification

See your actual data in compliance center

Retention Label Usage

Pilot project – High-level startup

  • Deploy AIP Scanner in discovery mode and start with analysing your data
  • Configure MCAS & AIP scanner
  • Define and publish some labels and policies
  • Create DLP and pop-up rules based on specific labels
  • And now start!

Pilot project – results

  • Discovery of sensitive info in endpoints and servers and services
  • Let people start with manual Labeling of documents and emails. (with default, simple, understandable labels!)

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